From the very beginning of the Genocide, Florence’s life was at risk. Her husband was targeted by the Hutu killers and was callously assassinated, forcing her to go into hiding with her two-year-old son. They spent two agonizing months hiding in bushes and brush, nearly starving to death. Florence sacrificed nearly everything to keep her son safe from harm, though he still suffers from the memories of this time, the one thing that she couldn’t protect him from.
After the Genocide, Grace met Florence, who invited her to come work at the Amahoro initiative. There, she would be able to provide for her family and rebuild her life in a safe community of women with similar experiences. Because of this generosity, Florence has been able to support her son and have two more children, who are currently attending high school. Her continual prayer is for all of her children to find peace with the past and to find no limits to what they can achieve, including one day going to University.

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