At twelve years old, Pascaline was moving locations every few weeks to avoid the conflict of the Rwandan Genocide. In addition to this hardship, she had always contracted malaria at that time, and was battling this illness while facing the terrors that were going on all around her. Miraculously, her family remained intact throughout this trying time. However, after the genocide had already ended, her home was raided. She was forced to vacate her property and move in with a friend that was working with the co-op at the time. This friend saw that Pascaline had a propensity for sewing and invited her to come work at the Amahoro sewing co-op so that she could support her family and make a better life for them. All these years later, Pascaline is still enjoying her work and dreams of sending her daughter to University to study business management. This will allow her to start her own business, following in her mother’s brave footsteps.

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