During the Rwandan Genocide, Teresa was in Kigali with her family. Miraculously, she and her six children survived this brutality, but unfortunately, her husband was killed. Throughout that time, she was moving constantly from place to place with her six children, whose ages ranged from four to seventeen. After the atrocities of the genocide, Teresa had nowhere to live and her children were unable to attend school. One day, her church pastor gave an announcement on behalf of the founders of the Amahoro sewing co-op. Teresa, who had experience sewing bed covers, was excited by the prospect of a job that utilized one of her skills that would allow her to support her family and give better opportunities to her children. She’s been at this co-op every since. Today, many of her children are married, and God has blessed her with twelve grandchildren. The first of which has just graduated from high school.

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