Vestine was fifteen years old when the genocide began. Her family attempted to escape Kigali, Rwanda during the turmoil on April 20th, but her mother was killed in the process. With no food or water, Vestine and her siblings then journeyed for three days, hoping to find refuge at a camp in Musanze. One of them died along the way. After the genocide ended, her father remarried, but her stepmother forced all of the children from his previous marriage to leave their home, which resulted in feelings of depression for Vestine. One day, Teresa met her at church and brought her to Amahoro, a healthy, safe place that allowed her to find peace, hope, and encouragement. Teresa then prayed with Vestine on a daily basis, as well as teaching her how to sew. She now has seven children, including two sets of twins, and she hopes that they may all graduate from college so that they can find good jobs to support themselves and their families.

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