Shya Designs: Creating Something New

~ Meet Our Designers ~

With a vision of providing sustainable employment and a caring community for women in Rwanda, the Shya Designs team have partnered with a group of women in Kigali, Rwanda to offer high-quality, hand-sewn products to more than just those who visit their shop.
The term “Shya” is derived from the Rwanda word “Gishya,” meaning “new.” Our team of women in Rwanda has survived unbelievable tragedies and transgressions against them. April 7, 1994, marked the start of the Rwandan genocide. Hutu extremist waged carnage against the Tutsi people. Within 4 months, over 1,000,000 were killed.
One would think this crime against the Tutsi would render them devastated and unforgiving. However, when given the chance to ask the Tutsi they persecuted for forgiveness, nearly every single survivor choose to relieve their offenders of all legal ramification.
After such a long period of war and devastation, the people of Rwanda choose to move forward and rebuild their nation under God and principles of peace, love, and togetherness. As one people, Rwanda now abides by a code of harmony.
The women in our team have developed a skill that allows them to provide for their families. By creating these high-quality, hand-sewn products, they are able to earn their own income to feed their families and send their children to school.

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