Our Team: Making a Daily Impact

Pictured are the high school students who have the privilege of running Shya Designs every day during their senior year. They are all a part of the School of Business and Entrepreneurship at CVCA, which has been an available program for seven years, and this is the fourth year that Shya Designs has been up and running as a functional business. This provides these high school students with valuable business experience before college, and aids them in cultivating their gifts and skills. SOBE has a multitude of generous investors, but perhaps most notable is Valmark Financial Group, whose initial investment began Shya Designs in 2016. Since then, the students have had several major articles published in local and national magazines along with news stories which can be viewed here. With each accomplishment, these students continue to give back to the Rwandan women, their local community, and the students that inherit the business the following school year.

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